Girls’ hostel opens, 1st February 2012

“For me and Gloria, the head of Rural Women Development Association, there could not have been a more wonderful end to Wednesday 1st February, while we were actually conversing on Skype. A rather long email from one of our volunteers Nicole arrived packed with news and ideas. Near the end of it, Nicole announced, rather casually, that “the girls have moved into the hostel this evening”. This seemingly ordinary event for Nicole was to Gloria and me the final chapter of a nearly 3 year long drawn out battle with the authorities. Of course, we knew we had won the battle when last November we finally got the go ahead to get the hostel ready to welcome our first ever batch of girls. But to actually hear that the girls had moved in, 5 days ahead of schedule without another excuse or issue being thrown at us, just overwhelmed us. A few tears were shed that night I must confess. We are over the moon and, by the look of it, the 32 girls in the picture are just as happy and excited. No more long walks, no more danger, no more blocks. Instead, a real chance for them to create their choices.  Great! We have encapsulated the story into this short presentation, I hope you enjoy it.”  Annie

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